Day Drinkers Weekday Brunch

We get it, not everyone gets the luxury of a Saturday/Sunday brunch. We see you. Heck, we are you. That’s why we’re dedicating Monday through Friday to you. Rejoice in all of the brunch goodness everyone else Instagrams on the weekends when you actually have the day off. And you know what, you can brag about not having to wait as long for a table, so who is actually winning here? 

Centraal Grand Café and Tappery invites you to join us for the all-new Day Drinkers brunch Monday through Friday from 8 – 11 AM we have our full brunch menu, plus special drink options like a Bloody Mary or Mimosa Curation or try our new Mimosa sizes. We’ve got the traditional, the Big A$$ Mimosa or the Instagramosa, because who doesn’t want to get it for the ‘gram?

Whether you’re in the service industry, a nurse, 3rd shift or just not your typical nine to fiver. We can’t wait to see you while everyone else is working their Monday through Friday gigs. Viva la brunch!