Find Your Gezellig. Introducing a spiffed up Lowlands Group.

Lowlands Group recently celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary in November of 2016. As with any milestone in life, it made us reflect on who were were as an organization. What do we stand for? What beliefs do we hold? What is our “why”—the reason we show up to put food on the table, bier in bellies, and smiles on guests’ faces, day after day. That reflection led us to take a fresh look at our brand overall and to refine what we’ve spent the last 10 years building.

The outcome of this reflection is a refreshed brand, this new website, and a guiding concept called “Gezellig.” Although it looks like a nonsensical word, that’s only because it’s Dutch. (We kid!) If you haven’t already, watch the “Find Your Gezellig” video above, which was edited from footage of our staff’s regular trips to the lowlands of Europe—primarily Belgium and The Netherlands. We find deep inspiration in this place, and this video is the best way we can convey that inspiration without actually taking you along with us on our next trip.

After you watch the video (and quickly book a flight to Amsterdam or Brussels), please explore our brand new website as well, especially the Gezellig section. In there, you’ll find loads of information about what makes us tick. From food to bier, bikes to design, and the charitable causes we support, you’ll see the ways in which this unique Dutch word guides everything we do here at the Lowlands Group.

A new site and this video are the just first step. Keep your eyes (or RSS reader) trained on The Lowdown, where we’ll keep you up to date on all of the latest and greatest news, events and announcements. Or if you’d prefer, subscribe to the Lowlander Newsletter, using the form on our homepage, to have all of this info delivered right to your inbox.

Thank you to all of our staff, guests and partners who helped us “find our Gezellig” over the past ten years. Next decade, here we come.