Holiday Biers Pouring 11/20

Tis the season for the big brews! Biers that you can count on to keep you warm and toasty while taking cover from the bitter cold outside. Biers that recall the scents and flavors of the holidays, oftentimes punched out with dark fruits, caramelly malts, dark chocolate undertones, plenty of cinnamon and cloves. We’re delighted to be bringing back fan favorites such as the decadent St. Bernardus Christmas, Delirium Noel and Corsendonk Christmas alongside new brews including Kasteel RaspBarista Chocolate Quad and Gulden Draak Calvados. Best of all, the holidays harken the return of Santa Rampage (this year in the form of 2017’s Ho-Ho-Hoppy edition!) and the debut of Lowlands exclusives both new and old! Each of our locations will have a slightly different line up, so be sure to taste around and ask your server about our current holiday offerings.


Holiday Rarities

The rarities on the list below are available exclusively, in varying degrees, to the Lowlands Group. For sure you’ll find them absolutely no where else in Wisconsin. In the case of the much coveted Val Dieu Winter, you’ll find it no where else in the country. And as for Santa Rampage, you’ll find it nowhere else in the world!

“For it is good to be children sometimes…”
Nothing says Milwaukee like donning a Santa suit, hopping on a bike in the middle of winter, and peddling six miles through treacherous streets to numerous bars and coffee shops all in the name of achieving one very important goal: hilarious, (all-faith) inclusive, good old fashioned fun. And nothing says Lowlands Brewing Collaborative like naming a holiday bier brewed in Belgium after our stateside hometown’s strangest holiday tradition. The Lowlands Brewing Collaborative’s motto is Handshakes, Bicycles, and Bier. And while it’s true you’re likely to partake in the first of these values if you find yourself drinking the third whilst riding on the second, it’s also a nod to the many like-minded brewing friends we’ve made in Belgium over the years. The Santa Rampage bier is a delicious celebration of years of collaboration with our daring, innovative, and just plain whacky friend Jef Versele, 7th generation owner of The Brouwerij Van Steenberge in Ertvelde, Belgium. Not only does this bier bridge the geographical gap between Milwaukee and Belgium, it has the added advantage of being a different experience every time. (Much like hanging out with Jef…) Our 2017 edition is a golden strong ale, featuring coriander and spice notes, a boozy brandy bouquet and a hefty hop note that will warm even the coldest winter bike riders to their toes.


Search across the nation and you’ll only find this bier carried at select Lowlands Grand Cafés! A warming amber with surprise notes of delicate spice and port wine, this beautifully balanced brew pairs well with a vast range of dishes.


Boulevard Collaboration # 7 – 6%
Boulevard Brewing Company // Kansas City, MO
Riesling grape juice, peaches and lemon zest party hard in a crisp, well-hopped lager aged on French oak staves that impart fruit, spice, toast and tannins. Exclusive & unique!


La Trappe/Brunswick “Ora et Labora” – 7.5%
This exclusive collab. proudly showcases the Trappist monks’ creed: pray and work. The caramel malts, toast notes, and American-grown hops in this Doppel Bock are more than enough to get you through those long, hard fasts…


Brugse Zot – 6%
De Halve Maan // Bruges, Belgium
Direct from beautiful Bruges and exlusive, this traditional Belgian blonde is refreshing and food-friendly with hints of vanilla and bright, sweet citrus.


Corsendonk Christmas – 8.5%
Brouwerij Corsendonk // Turnhout, Belgium
This genuine gift of a rich, dark ale is at once chocolatey and spicy, with a long, lingering finish of smoke and citrus.


Kapittel Winter – 7.5%
Brouwerij Van Eecke // Watou, Belgium
Exactly the bier you need if you’re having trouble getting into the winter spirit! Tart Morello cherries, cumin, and a touch of coriander marry several seasons in one unique and fulfilling abbey ale.