Lights out Lunch 8/21

Witness the eclipse from our patios on Monday, Aug. 21!
You don’t have to be an astronomy buff to appreciate the fact that, all across the US, the sun is going to be taking a back seat to our lunar companion and leaving us, momentarily, in bizarre and utter darkness. Lowlands Grand Cafés have all caught the solar fever and are ready to rock the day with eclipse-themed food specials (Blue Moon-mosas, anyone?), drink specials and pin-hole eclipse viewers so you can watch these mixed up planetary bodies do their dance!

Specials featured from 12pm to 2:30pm only, so don’t miss out!

The Eclipse Burger
Peeking out from behind a kloud bun, you’ll find a sunny side up fried egg, jalapeños, sautéed onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and mayo, deliciously eclipsed by a half pound, antibiotic and hormone free patty.

Blue Moon-Mosa
“You are sunlight and I moon…” is the song this cocktail sings as Blue Moon gently mingles with a cradle of orange juice to create a celestial match made in heaven.

Moon Pie Orange Cream
A cosmic twist on the traditional White Russian.

Please Note: We won’t be able to see a total eclipse of the sun here in Wisconsin, but with 82-85% coverage of the sun we’ll still have quite the show (weather permitting). For those on our patios looking to be out and ready for the peak of the eclipse, we recommend getting to our Cafés at least 30 minute ahead of peak time. 
City Café Start Peak End Coverage
Milwaukee Hollander Downer, Café Benelux 11:53:36 AM 1:18:01 PM 2:40:10 PM 83%
Madison Hollander Hilldale 11:50:42 AM 1:15:15 PM 2:37:59 PM 85%
Mequon Hollander Mequon 11:53:24 AM 1:17:37 PM 2:39:35 PM 82%
Waukesha Hollander Brookfield 11:53:00 AM 1:17:27 PM 2:39:41 PM 84%
Wauwatosa Hollander Tosa, Café Bavaria 11:53:28 AM 1:17:50 PM 2:39:57 PM 83%

How to use pinhole eclipse viewers
We will be supplying pinhole viewers for you to enjoy the sight safely at your convenience. The idea is very simple, when you lift the viewer (with the sun behind you) so that the sun can shine through the pinhole, an inverted image of the sun will be projected onto whatever surface is in front of it (ie: a wall, the ground, your table, a piece of paper etc.). When the moon starts passing in front of the sun you’ll be able to safely watch the transition happen via the projection.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY THROUGH THE PINHOLE INTO THE SUN. You will very likely burn the retinas of your eyes out and cause irreversible damage to your vision if not actual blindness. Sun damage to your eyes is no joke.

You can learn more about pinhole viewers here!