Lowlands Group Represents Wisconsin in Belgium Brewing Deliria

Proud to send one of our own!

If you’ve ever enjoyed a tasty Belgian or Craft bier in one of our Lowlands Grand Cafes, odds are that bier was carefully selected and/or collaborated on and brought to you by the fearless leader of our Beverage Department (among other things), Ileana Rivera. This spring, you’ll have the opportunity to add yet another carefully selected and expertly brewed bier to that list, but this time, Ileana was part of the brewing process as well:

What’s the deal with Deliria?

For the past 7 years, in a dual effort to promote the participation and recognition of women in bier and raise awareness and funds for Think Pink & breast cancer research, Brouwerij Huyghe in Melle, Belgium has sought out women leaders in the industry to come together from around the world and brew a special, limited release bier called “Deliria.”

The brainchild of Huyghe’s Head of Marketing, Catherine Dubrulle, Deliria is a Strong Belgian Blonde released each year in honor of National Women’s Day. Dubrulle, who happens to be married to brewery owner Alain De Laet, looked around early in her career and thought, it’s “high-time for women to have a beer of their own.” While the number of women in the industry is on the rise, it is still a largely male-dominated arena. Deliria is a tangible, (not to mention tasty), representation that times are changing, an acknowledgment of the importance and relevance of women in the industry, and, in some ways, a nod to the earliest days of bier making. 

One of just four women from the US to receive an invite, Ileana, who was particularly excited “to be able to learn from the Brewmaster at Huyghe, to see all the steps and care that went into this bier,” was both inspired and amazed, saying, “it was a one-of-a-kind experience, and so wonderful to meet so many other great women in the industry.”

We’re so proud that our own “beating heart of the Beverage Department” here at Lowlands was among those women this year, and, to borrow an oft-used phrase from that same great woman, we literally cannot wait to share this delicious, important, and truly ground-breaking bier with our guests.