Bikes parked along Amsterdam canals



We’re restaurateurs, brand builders, world travelers, and bicycle buffs.

We believe in all-day eats, world-class bier in precise glassware, craft cocktails, and camaraderie by way of perpetual wanderlust.

Our travels around the world,

and more specifically in the Lowlands of Europe and Northwoods of Wisconsin, have inspired us to create a whole family of Grand Cafés and Taverns that serve as home away from home—inspired environments that provide respite from the day.

We strive to create

experiences that the Dutch would call “Gezellig” (heh-SELL-ichk). The word does not directly transfer to English, and it transcends definitive meaning: it’s a cozy, comfortable atmosphere; a social connection; the feeling of belonging to something.

Everything we do at the Lowlands Group

from the spaces we create, to the food we serve and the experiences we offer, is driven by wanting our guests to leave with the unique, hard-to-describe feeling of “Gezellig.”

Person fishing in Lake Buckatabon
Canal House Row in Amsterdam
A group making a toast with Lowlands Brewing Collaborative beers