The Lowlands Guide To Masked Dining

As we move through this difficult time, we appreciate all of the support from the amazing communities around us. Here are some guidelines on wearing a mask when dining in our cafés:

  1. When you enter the restaurant, and on your way to your table, please wear a mask. Complimentary masks are available at the host stand.
  2. When ordering, or when your server comes to your table, please either wear your mask or hold it over your nose and mouth.
  3. While eating and drinking you can take your mask off and place it on the table. (You can try with your mask on, but believe us, it’s very messy and we don’t recommend it!)
  4. If you need to leave your table for any reason, please wear your mask and maintain 6 feet of social distance from other guests and staff
    whenever possible.
  5. When you are done eating and drinking, and as you are leaving the restaurant, please wear your mask.

Thank you for supporting us and our teams!